Pakistani officials are looting Overseas Pakisanis at Airports

Overseas are the backbone of Pakistani economy who send earnings far away from home and loved ones.

Multan (Gulf Urdu – Arshad Farooq Butt) There has been an alarming increase in incidents of abuse and robbery of overseas Pakistanis at Pakistani airports in the last few months.

Overseas are the backbone of Pakistani economy who send earnings far away from home and loved ones.

But like all other departments in Pakistan, FIA and customs officials at airports are engaged in rudeness, mistreatment and looting of Pakistanis coming from abroad.

A citizen who recently arrived at Multan Airport from Dubai says that the customs officials seized two smart phones from him which he had brought for his family.

Instead, the invoice that is issued contains incomplete information. If there are any tax issues, there should be an officer of the concerned department at the airport to whom the passenger can take his baggage on payment.

Similarly, another passenger had two smart phones and both had personal data and SIMs active. A phone was seized from this passenger. The passenger says that one phone was for business while the other phone was for personal use. The phone of a passenger who made a video on misbehavior was also confiscated and he was told that now you will be made a lesson.

The same is the case with passengers carrying laptops. Many passengers’ electronic accessories are confiscated which prove to be spoils for the customs authorities.

Another problem is the distance from airports. If a passenger’s baggage is impounded at Karachi Airport and he is a resident of Punjab, it is not possible for him to go around Karachi and collect his baggage.

Overseas Pakistanis say that the government of Pakistan should have mercy on their situation and rein in the unrestrained institutions. Compliance with laws and regulations applies not only to passengers, but also to institutions.

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