German film "The Teachers’ Lounge” wins Lux Audience Film Award

The Lux Audience Film Award ceremony was held in Brussels.

The German film "The Teachers’ Lounge” has won the annual Lux Audience Film Award by the European Parliament.

The Lux Audience Film Award ceremony was held in Brussels, where the honor was given to a German film.

The award is given by the European Parliament and the European Film Academy, the European Commission and the association of European cinema owners ‘Europa Cinemas’, in which the best European film of the year is decided based on audience voting.

This year, 5 best films were selected for this award, out of which "The Teachers’ Lounge” was declared worthy of this honor.

The other 4 films shortlisted for the Lux Awards were 20,000 Species of Bees, Fallen Leaves, On the Adamant and Smokey Sauna Sisterhood.

The series of giving this award by the European Parliament was started in 2020, which continues on an annual basis until now.

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