How to get Teaching Job in UAE as a fresh candidate

UAE schools recruit mostly in January and September.

It is not easy for new teachers to get a job in the UAE and its associated states, but some steps can pave the way.

1. Come to Dubai on a visit visa

A visit visa enables you to directly visit the schools in which you are seeking employment. In this way you come in contact with the employees of these institutions and this thing is also a proof of your seriousness. Do your homework before visiting UAE. You should have the names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails etc. of all the Pakistani schools in the Emirates so that you don’t waste time on searching during the visit.

2. Visit UAE at the right time

Recruitment in UAE schools mostly takes place in January and September. Teachers visiting UAE from Pakistan usually choose vacations, but all institutions are closed at that time. So choose the right time for visits and contacts.

3. Be prepared for low pay

Teachers teaching in private schools of Pakistan believe based on their experience that they will be offered a huge salary package in UAE. But experience in the UAE only counts for those of Gulf schools. So in the beginning they will offer you a very low salary for which you have to be mentally prepared. Most schools offer a salary between 2000 and 3000 dirhams.

4. Apply to foreign schools as well

Some Indian schools in UAE also offer jobs to Pakistanis because Urdu is taught as a second language in some schools. However, they try to recruit mostly the residents of their own country. Apart from this, for UK and American schools, teaching experience in UAE and English language proficiency certificate IELTS is mandatory.

5. Use LinkedIn

On LinkedIn you will find profiles of principals and staff of most schools in the UAE. It is very helpful to connect with the community and keep yourself updated.

6. Avoid being double-minded

If you are in a good job in Pakistan, never try to leave it and settle in UAE. Maybe you don’t like the new job and you turn to the previous job. The best time to settle in UAE is immediately after completing your studies. So that even if some years are lost, eventually a good job is your destiny.

7. Sponsored Visa

If you have a close relative in UAE and he can sponsor you, then your job prospects become bright. If you have a visa, it will be easier for schools to offer you a job.

8. CV and interview preparation

CV is your first impression which is a reflection of your personality. Similarly, it can be difficult for you to get a job even with an unprepared interview. Also prepare a presentation so that the school can test you.

9. Try your luck in other fields

There are countless examples in Dubai where some people came for teaching jobs but are earning well in many fields including insurance, reception, graphic designer. Don’t limit yourself and keep an eye on jobs.

10. Do not fall into the hands of agents

Agents exist in every business. In the same way, you will find agents who will show you a green garden and get you a visa, and you will fail to trust them and return without preparation. There is only one way to success which goes through the above steps.

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